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About Ned

During his last year of studies at Pratt Institute, Ned began working at an animation studio (Broadcast Arts, now Curious Pictures) in New York City which specialized in stop-motion animation for commercials and music videos.

“The studio was a visual theme park that offered me a great opportunity to learn the process of animation production. Stop-motion can be tedious, but our approach to film work is a reminder how time-disciplined patience can also be a benefit—with any art medium.”

He then started his own illustration studio that focused on creating art for the giftware, textile, children’s wear, licensing and advertising markets. Clients included Disney, Warner Bros., Hanna- Barbera (Time Warner) and Sara Lee. Many illustrative patterns, from customized characters to ornate florals were created and put into step-and-repeats for production. A few of these produced for giftwrap patterns were shown in the film While You Were Sleeping and the TV shows Two Guys and a Girl (series finale) and more recently, Mike and Molly.

Today Ned maintains his studio and has expanded to include production for collectibles, publishing and online media markets.